The indoor machine GL900F02/01-C

        The indoor machine GL900F02/01-C
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        • and host, host computer, wall machine Talkback
        • 4 inch color TFT LCD display image
        • all-weather automatic detection alarm, 2/4 alarm function (optional)
        The function of short message receiving
        • cell (optional)
        • RVV two wire (nonpolar) connection mode


        Model: GL900F02-C GL900F01-C
        Volume: 140 x 205 x 20mm
        Weight: 0.31 KG
        Maximum power: 3.5 W
        Installation: wall hanging
        TFT liquid crystal display, visual angle: 120 °
        Screen size: 4 inch, color / monochrome optional
        Color adjustable, adjustable contrast
        Music ringing
        8095 ringing volume: dB adjustable
        7085 call volume: dB adjustable
        SNR: ≥ 60dB
        Distortion: ≤ 1%
        Signal transmission interface: 2.54mm, 2P joint, no polarity
        The power supply interface: 2.54mm, 2P joint, no polarity
        Connect cable
        RVV dual core gum line, 10 meters 0.3mm ². 10-20 meters with 0.5mm ². 20-30 meters with 0.75mm ²
        Electrical characteristics
        Working voltage: 15V DC
        Operating frequency: 50Hz-60Hz
        Standby power: ≤ 0.6W
        Power supply: independent power supply or by a signal transmission line feed
        The work environment requirements
        Temperature: -40 ℃ 55 ℃
        Relative humidity: ≤ 80%
        Certification and standards
        CE, RoHS


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