Multiplexer YF-SF803

        Multiplexer YF-SF803
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        1、three, video multiplexer data in a coaxial cable transmission 3 video and 1 reverse RS485 data signal;
        2、 V1 direct transmission baseband (0~6MHz) video signal, SYV75-5 distances of 600 meters;
        3、V2, V3 is the video baseband signal modulated RF signal in SYV75-5 distances of 800 meters;
        4、this product is suitable for the old transformation project, originally a camera or a fixed camera, to increase two cameras or supplemented with PTZ camera


        Technical parameters
        Model YF-SFT803/D YF-SFR803/D
        Video input 3CH 75Ω1Vp-p --
        Video output -- 3CH 75Ω1Vp-p
        Line output (105±3)dBuV/75Ω --
        Line input -- (60~105±3)dBuV/75Ω
        Definition GRADE 4
        The power supply voltage DC12V/400mA
        RS485 reverse data There is, transparent channel, can support
        Video level adjustment -- yes
        RF level adjustment -- yes
        Lightning protection, electrostatic yes
        Specifications and dimensions 130×70×31
        Suitable temperature -20-55°C


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