Multiplexer jamming device YF-K618

        Multiplexer jamming device YF-K618
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        1、the use of advanced coding technology, strong anti-interference ability, a strong anti-interference, coaxial cable according to the interference in the transmission attenuation problem and research and development, can effectively eliminate various video transmission during the strong electromagnetic signals (such as anti spark interference, 50HZ AC interference, radio frequency antenna, noise, motor high-power electrical appliances such as caused by the interference of the intense pulse) interfere with the formation of a video signal;
        2 、can effectively solve such as image jitter, twisted, reticulate, cross the road, snow and other problems, ensure the quality of the image is stable, reliable, and long distance transmission;
        3 、high definition, the horizontal resolution may reach above 400, colourful ghost free.
        4、 this product with lightning protection, static function
        5、 this product used in pairs, a transmitting end and receiving end.


        Model YFKT618 YF-KR618
        Image format PAL
        Video input level 0.8-2.0Vp-p(BNC) -
        Video output level - 0.8-2.0Vp-p
        Video input impedance 75 -
        Video output impedance - 75
        Line output impedance 75 -
        Line input impedance - 75
        Video bandwidth 6M
        Image sharpness SYV75-5/800m  ≥400line
        Transmission distance SYV75-5800m
        Working voltage 12VDC±10
        Working current 300mA
        Working temperature -25°C~+70°C
        Operating humidity 0-90%
        Appearance size (mm) 77×64×28 


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