Anti-jamming YF-K318

        Anti-jamming YF-K318
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        1、can effectively eliminate the image of snow, due to various provisions, distorted variant interference interference interference and jitter disturbance etc.;
        2、can effectively eliminate all kinds of interference in a coaxial cable transmission process; e.g.:
        The frequency conversion motor disturbance
        The electromagnetic radiation interference
        The strong radio wave interference
        The interference of high frequency equipment
        3、in the coaxial cable for the 75-5 case to the video signal transmission distance up to 1000 meters without any compensation;
        4、not on the image resolution and SNR have any effect;
        5、the first domestic exchange index dynamic anti-jamming algorithm, the interference signal is larger, stronger anti-interference ability, and the exponential function relations change;


        Technical parameters
        Model YF-K318
        Video input amplitude 1Vp-p75Ω
        Video output amplitude 1Vp-p75Ω
        Video signal-to-noise ratio 70dB
        Frequency response bandwidth 9MHz
        Anti interference ability 30dB
        Transmission characteristics 75Ω
        Working voltage DC 12V
        Power waste 3W
        Working temperature -15℃-+50
        Ambient humidity 90
        The main equipment size (height * width * depth) 64*37*26mm
        Total weight 100g


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